How to Become a Millionaire Overnight For Free - Part 1

Everything in the physical starts from the inner mind. You get what you believe in, you see what you anticipate within your mind.

People that deserve to be millionaires believe in the reality of being millionaires. You can't overemphasize the essence of belief, because where there's lack of it, reality is always absent.

This is not about 'maybe's or 'possibility', it's about definiteness of purpose. It's about realization that no mountain is stronger than the force driven by desire, a desire to succeed.

You can't be a millionaire if you don't believe you deserve more than you're getting right now.

Your belief becomes physical and it's revealed for everyone to see through your actions, motivations and self-esteem. Lack of faith kills hope, and blinds you from a visible opportunity.

Talking about belief; if you believe that wealth is evil and that to make money you have to collect it from someone, that it's something bad and dirty to pursue, then your beleif is errorneous towards whatever might bring you wealth.

Think about it this way. Rich people have more opportunity to create positive change in their world by helping people either with substance or influence. The more money you accumulate, the more comfort you create within and with-out.

Ever meet someone that emphasize in their conversations that they don't want to be rich. Check them out today, they're still poor and broke. Saying that you don't want to be rich is a self-fulfilling prophecy that only you can make strong or break into pieces in order to pursue wealth and riches.

Another important fact about the relation of belief and success is passion. Money doesn't bring happiness but money made through passion brings about multiple happiness and a sense of fulfillment in life.

Start thinking about your passion right now. Be honest with yourself. Our next part of the millionaire series will focus on decision making strategies.