We Say Happy Mothers Day to Our First Loves, The First Women of Our Lives

It's all about them. Our heroes. Our lovers. Our mothers.

They deserve the best from us, the children.

We need to show love unconditional to the best women of our lives, our mothers.

Happy Mothers Day

happy mothers day christian

Even when I hurt her and missunderstand her, she still loves me and think about me.

happy mother's day bible verse

happy mothers day poems from daughter in spanish

My heart desire is to fulfill your heart desires. Am trying to be your best son. Your best man.

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When I look up to the sky, I see rain drops, coming down to the earth. It will drop but the sun will take some back. You're the sun of my life. Without you I would be frustrated.

happy mothers day poems from children

You make the cloud in my life invisible. You make me shine like a star even in the day.

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Nobody can do it like my mom.