Shocking: How Capitalism will help boost the number of rich men and reduce the number of the poor in Nigeria

capitalism symbol

First thing first, what is capitalism?

Capitalism is an economic and political system in which a country's industries and trade is allowed to be handled and controlled by private investors/owners for profit and maintainance, rather than the government.

If you check the history of America starting from 1910 to the great depression upto date, capitalism is what built the country to where it is.

capitalism vs communism

We're talking about Africa's biggest economy, Nigeria and we are trying as much as possible not to begine comparing ourselves with others. We have different culture, beliefs and mindset. Yes, and we are also good investors and business owners.

The government in Nigeria, no matter how it will try, will not be able to maintain its facilities, investments and industries strictly for a profit as an individual will do.

Government is a body of individuals with different aims. Some are there to make name, some to gain wealth, some to work in the sector given to them. But non of these individuals will be able to take care of his/her sector as much as a capitalist.

capitalism is good

People abuse them. People call them profit-diggers, money-diggers, and even greedy, but Capitalists are the only sets of people that can help any country that has a bigger potential in Africa like Nigeria.

For example, let me talk about power, electricity as a whole. Everybody in Nigeria knows how bad the government is doing in handling the power issue, but what about my fellow entreprenuers??? How about building a power holding company??

It is not about buying the company from the government, it is about making yours and trying to competite with the poor government services. If you can supply power for 7 days without a minute of blackout, I'm sure many people would opt for your company for life.

This also applies to many infrastructural amenities in which the government have tried but failed to maintain a qualitative supply.

You'll need money to start with, and hell yes, you need to be expensive in order to make a profit. But again, you have that quality and it conquers all.


It's all about it. And it doesn't matter where you are, be creative today and help your country grow. Be the saviour of many youths by creating a job opportunity.

Government remains the same but Capitalism makes all the difference!