How to keep it tight down there

Determining whether it's loose down there

Insert 3 fingers. If they enter at a time, definitely it's loose.

Insert index finger and try to tighten the vaginal muscles.

If the muscles fail to grip your index, chances are you have a loose down part.

Finding it harder to reach climax?? Another symptom.

Partner complaining? Better clue.

Causes of vaginal looseness

Birth, several times.

Frequent sexual activity.

Use of artificial man for satisfaction.

Man using rubber often.


Do the Kegel Exercise

When you're urinating, stop halfway for about 5 minutes.

Do this throughout the day to strenghten the muscles down there.

kegels exercise for women

Benwa Balls.

These are balls to be put inside the vagina and hold for several minutes.

They can be found at sex stores. The ones with strings are more recommendable for starters.

Pelvic exercises.

When carrying out the pelvic floor excercise, tense the vaginal muscles to aid contraction continually for tighened muscles.

Skin restriction.

Only have sex skin to skin. No rubber. No artificial man.

Total abstinence

Give your self a break from intercourse for atleast a month to have a natural tight va-jay-jay.

Wear Heals Everyday.

Wearing heals, your posture aids in strengthening the muscles down there.