Exclusive photos from Elliot Rodger's threatening slaughter video - Isla Vista shooting

Elliot Rodger

The good looking rich-dad 22 year old has been lamenting for long about his lack of friends, especially girlfriends.

Elliot Rodger's last video threatens to punish whoever is living the happy life. He threatens woman for not loving him, that he hates them. And also hated guys, the Alpha males.

From the video Elliot Rodger is not anything as psychopath. Just an emotional kid that lost is thought in having girlfriend and friendship.

Elliot Rodger, Isla Vista shooting

There must be something wrong with his social life that should've been given attention.

As you can see in the pictures, Elliot Rodger is undeniably handsome. He drives a beamer, the ride many rappers brag about.

Lives the comfortable life and really really educated intellectually.

Santa Barbara shooting

Something is amiss. Something is not right here.

Although surely, Elliot Rodger's parents don't have a responsibility in his dating life, they really have a responsibility of knowing the kind of challenges their kid is going through.

I need to stop this ramble here, but Elliot Rodger's case is abnormal and really really uncomfortable.

He's every girl's dream boyfriend, so why did they see him as opposite in reality?