Are You Waiting For The Perfect Moment To Start Anything At All?

Waiting for the perfect moment, it seems like forever. I have a clear sight, so strong as an eagle sight. But still waiting for perfect moment that am yet to see.

Are you still waiting for the perfect moment?

Newsflash: there's never a perfect moment.

We make things happen. And regardless how it happens, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that it's happening.

Want to make a move to that precious business plan? Don't wait for the perfect moment. Start something today and you shall reach the highest cliff on the mountain top.

Want to be in a relationship with someone? Do not for things to click by themselves. No, they won't. Get over your fears and meet the love of your life. Don't fear rejection, it's a part of living that allows to be aware when something is not really fit for us.

don't wait for the perfect moment

Don't just dream. Act and walk toward this dream. Don't sit there waiting for someone to take you there. You alone are going to be able to make it. You're the master of your fate. Any decision you make today affects your future. Don't wait for a perfect someone to tell you how you're going to live or what you're going to believe.

A step towards freedom from WAITING is a step towards an ever changing life experience. Not every step takes you to where you want but every step you take exposes you to the experience you need for life to be a winner.

Do you think you're skillful?

I also think I'm skillful and should wait for the right moment to be perfect. Nobody's perfect. Although you need a certain level of accuracy in order to bring out a qualitative version of what you have to offer to the world, perfection is never what's needed.

don't wait for the perfect moment take the moment and make it perfect

So don't wait for the perfect moment. Waiting makes you lazy, a procrastinator. Facing everything at once and a brave time makes you an accomplisher of many in a very little amount of time.

Give yourself a break from perfectionism. Break out of your comfort zone and try something random today. You'll realize that you make amazing things happen when you're not trying to perfect or even accurate.

Just love whatever you have to love. Develop your skills, never stop learning and you will be alright.