Why you should try lesbianism

It really bothers me to the nuts, how some people without any reasonable reason despise others' believes, lifestyle, desires and adventures.

It takes a real gut to pull yourself out of the hypocritic realm and to a world where your aim settles on self satisfaction and extreme individuality.

Why do you hate gavs???

It's because people hate them. It is because people around you have killed it??

We all don't know their hearts. You don't know their deepest secret desires.

The public code is against it, so you're being a kind of patriotic and more of a chauvanist.

Deep inside you, curiosity is burning to the neck

It arouses you, but you're made to only fantasize about it in your wildest day dream.

You want to know more of it, or may be explore your peak.

Criticizing evil doesn't make you holy, but practicing righteousness.

Despising those you think are the wrong doers makes you a monster, worser than them.

Deep within you, you've got a desire.

A desire to try lesbianism.

You don't know this, because you choose to ignore it.

The reason for the doubt, the reason for the fight, the reason for the rage, the reason for the hate.....

It's jealousy and frustration.

You hate them who have gotten the chance to explore their sexuality.

You hate them who are willing to showcase their curiosity without fear of being condemned.

You're jealous of people that are not ashame of exploring thier sexualities.

We all know it's a wrong act but the despisers are also wrong!

I hate it, it's irritating, but I don't hate those who practice it.

What irritates me the most is the act, not those who are curiosly exploring it

....and worst of all, those that abuse and despise those who are lost in it.

You left your life, wrongs and errorneous thoughts to pursue a futile desire, desire to kill and destroy.

To kill and destroy those who are not willing to be forever hypocrites.

Try lesbianism, and you shall understand the reason for this rant.

You have a desire, a burning desire, to HATE those that do this and that....because you don't vision yourself in their shoes, when you do, you'll start to love those who practice it, and hate the act.

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