Rubin 'Hurricane'Carter dies at 76 PLUS Pictures of Wife and Kids

Rubin Carter

Rubin Carter, a boxer who was wrongly convicted of murder 2 times has died at the age of 76 on sunday, 20th April 2014. He died in his sleep said his close friend, John Artis to a canadian press.

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Carter's convictions have become international symbol of racial injustice but was freed after alot of public advocacy.

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This brings about the racial motivation of Bob Dylan's 1975 song "HURRICANE" which was famous and widely accepted.

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Carter experience alot of racial segregation even when he was practicing wrestling in germany.

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He was one of the toughest boxers in history although he spent his final years in calm. And even when he was convicted he said he was not guilty and refuse to act like someone guilty.

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A book was also published about the HURRICANE and the Carter's racial injustice.

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pictures of rubin carter's wife and kids

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rubin hurricane carter wife mae thelma

Muhammad Ali also spoke on behalf of Carter and played a very significant role in supporting Carter's release. Carter was born into a family of seven. As of reports, his two sisters are among the survivors.