Mars one the next giant leap for mankind (pictures)

mars one logo

It really is the next giant leap for mankind. It's the first human settlement in the planet mars. Mankind is incridible. With intelligence and research, Astronauts are leaving the earth for mars.

mars one habitat

The technology behind this is that a favourable settlement is waiting for them. A reliable living environment and communication mission satellite.

mars one mission logo

No, they're not going on a mission for just days. They're going to be at home, feel at home and make it a home.

mars one the next giant leap for mankind

So you can imagine how technology's very important on this. Mars is colder than earth, so the temperature shall be regulated for the citizenships.

mars one project

Mind you, Mars One is a non-profit organization and it's conceptual exploration is based on research. They want the world to watch and experience the journey.

mars one space suit

A mission for one, a mission for all.