Hello, Tard the Grumpy Cat wants to be your friend

Hello, I've invaded American Idol this week, I make the fame that you've been dreaming of. Come and be my friend for a minute and I will kick your a** the next minute.

grumpy cat pumpkin stencil

They all say yes and I say NO. They're dumb and don't know No, so I know NO and don't care about the Yes.

grumpy cat good smile

Don't sit there looking at me like you're amazed because I don't fake coolness just like the media like. I like provoking the media, so you ain't got me on this!

grumpy cat mtv

Don't fool yourself when it's not funny. Am not fun with you but you're smiling at me. How dumb!

grumpy cat no go away

They're even clapping, and you think they're excited. No I'm not!

grumpy cat no just no

Don't stare at me like that, I can blow your nose off your face.

grumpy cat smiles are contagious

I smile and it ends a storm, I laugh and the sun stands still.

grumpy cat black and white drawing

Still don't know much about me. Kiss my a** 'cause that's what my friends do--thats why you are.

grumpy cat merry christmas

grumpy cat christmas wallpaper

grumpy cat birthday quotes

tard the grumpy cat quotes

grumpy cat quotes christmas

You know why am the happiest?

Because I don't smile easily!