12 things you need to know about the 2014 NFL schedule

NFL schedule 2014

1. Week 1 is going to be spectacular

2. You may have to eat Thanksgiving dinner in front of the TV

3. CBS is the new must-see TV on Thursdays

4. Saturday games are back

nfl schedule 2014-15

5. You’ll be sick of the Chicago Bears

6. This game will make you curse the schedule makers

7. Arizona at Seattle is theSNFgame most likely to be flexed

8. There will always be a Manning on your television

nfl schedule 2013-14

9. It’s always sunny in Jacksonville

10. Redskins-Cowboys continues to be aMonday Night Footballstaple

11. Tom Brady doesn’t get the national stage until Week 4

12. San Francisco isn’t ready for some football

printable nfl schedule 2013