How To Permanently Delete A Facebook Account

Deactivating facebook account is not just okay to set you apart from the social media. So we're going to discuss different ways on How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account today.

In respect to the stated company, someone urged me to write a statement on the obvious issue arising to account deletation. It is direct and short but you can jump to the main How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account if you're a time conservative like me.

Facebook Account Deletation at A glance.

Facebook is kind of fun social media that allows us to meet our friends online, meet new people and enjoy social updates about people's opinion. Because of facebook many people have adopted some parts of foreign cultures that they practice in there daily lives. Some can be highly positive and educative while some are very bad in influencing the behaviours of people, especially youths or teens as there brain is still growing. Some other disadvantages of using facebook is meeting with aggressive people that always end up with some abuses, bad political and social perspective and as a result very irritative to have them as friends on facebook. On How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account, your act should not deprive you from enjoying the good side of the social network.

Am not trying to curb your intentions of deleting facebook account or permanently leaving facebook, but everybody can testify the fun involved in meeting the friends you already know in the neighbourhood, colleges, place of work or religion online. So if it is about meeting irritative people or other inconveniencies caused by other users, you can easily unfriend him or her and click the "block" button.

The Above Statement was made in order to clear up doubt in people using facebook. If you have any question you can contact this website in order to discuss any problem with an expert. But in order to keep you so close, here's How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account.

Simple Method to Delete your facebook account NOW.
Goto HELP with your computer and follow the instruction to delete account. Here is a direct link to facebook account deletation page. Make sure you're logged in right now in order to get a direct access to permanently delete your facebook account. Once you use this method, do not log in for two weeks for the deletation processes to take place successfully.

Emailing Facebook To Permanently Delete Your Account.
Email them directly using your email network and ask them to delete your account. Here are the email addresses:, and you can send the same email to all the addresses for a quick response.

Sometimes people with low tech and internet starters tend to find it more harder to follow the techy way to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account. So in this case you can write to facebook staffs to delete the account without further suggestions. Facebook staffs are very active, so they'll perform the job in less than an hour.

Manual Method To Permanently Delete your Facebook Account.
Go to your profile. Click settings at the top left bar. If you're using mobile phone, settings is down at the options under the search box which contains "Survey · Help · Settings
Logout". Click the settings - Go to security - Email Login Notifications and click disable. Click back to the settings once again and into Email. Check "remove email", and done. If you cannot leave the page unless you add email address, just brainstorm a fake email address and fill in the blank. Make sure it contains the @ sign between them and dot com at the end. After clicking done, you're halfway of getting rid of facebook account permanently. Still on the email option, you can add another email before removing the real one.

Next, assuming you're on the settings dashboard, goto general - name and change it to any name apart from yours and DONE. On the general dashboard you'll find out that there's another email address option. If you're using an updated browser, you will even see your real email address. On this case, just edit it, replacing the real one with a fake address. If you like you can also change your password right under the email option. Choose photo display option to off and done. The last step is right under the photo edit, which says deactivate. I don't have to recite the right thing to do there. Just deactivate and forget about it.

With simple or hard processes, at least you've deleted your account. Remember, for a test drive you can just deactivate your account to know whether you're sure to delete it as you've known How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account all in mind.