How To Know If A Guy Likes You

Like breed love. There many ways men show feelings in which you girl have to know the secrets before you can figure out the cause. Here's how to know if a guy likes to be more than friends.

1. Unusual but awesome Stares.
In physicological instinct, we consider the eye as a window into the mind. If you realise that a guy always stares at your back or even look at you right in the eye, he likes you. Sometimes shy guys may not want to look at you in the face whenever they have this strange feelings of love inside them. Although taking their eye away whenever you catch them taking a glance at you seems a bad signal, never show awkwardness or disapproval in order to keep the ball rolling. This is the first sign on how to know if a guy likes you.

2. Meek Personal Interest.
Most guys show like to show up their interest in you in many ways. For example, some guys prefer asking you things that other girls have just to get your attention to them. When this happens more than once and you can figure out why he ignorers other girls while concentrating on you and yours, definitely he likes you. There are many ways a guy shows interest in you that proves he likes you, just make sure that it is genuine and proven that the like doesn't just appear on every girl as it does on you.

3. Over Depending and Support - if a guy likes you.
Mostly in school, a guy that likes you would not want to see you straining for no reason. If you don't know, you girls look very downcasted when strained and so any guy that likes you would not want to see depressed. On the dependable side, if a guy likes you he'll do his best to avoid getting you upsetted or even depend you when things become hard among other colleagues. If a guy shows such kind of genuine interest, surely he likes you that much and wants to impress and defend your person as much as he can.

4. Personal Share of Interest.
If a guy likes you definitely he'll be comfortable to share his goals, ambition and interests with you. Sometimes, guys cannot hide to include you the future plans which make it very obvious that they like you. So if you talk about more personal things and he doesn't hesitate to open up, surely this guy likes you and want to share alot of things with you. Consider the differences between personal interest and personal plans to make sure you're not among the crowds of the girls he likes.

5. Personality Prove and Open Up.
Some guys are very preserved in giving their contact information mostly to girls. If a guy gives you his phone number, yahoo messenger ID or even spend time chatting with you, definitely he likes you. If a guy likes you he'll not sometimes bother to have your phone number since he's comfortable of you having his own contacts, so it isn't a bad signal that he doesn't like you. As a whole, sometimes guys would give you there phone number not bothering to have yours to prove whether you'll like them or you like them too.

5. Get Every Reason to Have You Alone.
In order to know if a guy likes you. When it comes to relationship, guys are more than jealous to see the girl they like hanging around with some other guys friends. If a guy likes you, he'll do every best to make sure he keep you away from other guys in order to avoid some obvious flirt, likes, or even proposal. So consider this as a good signal if a guy likes you. Sometimes, a guy would not just frown or boss around when he saw you with other guys but he'll keep staring at your side. His concentration would be on you to see your movements and how the other guys handle you.

6. Ignore Other Girls' Flirt In your Presence.
In trying to make sure that he impresses a girl he likes, a guy cannot just flirt with other girls especially in your presence. In some cases he'll try his best to curb any funny actions from other girls that would make it obvious that he like them more than you. To know if a guy likes you, consider flirting with him a bit and he'll obviously not ignore you as he does to other girls. Just don't try to make it obvious that you're watching or trying to prove he likes you. Sometimes it plays fine like a game and guys like it, so anyone you choose make sure it is true to your personal person.

7. Gift and Presence.
To know if a guy likes you, during christmas, your birthday or other occasions that gifts were often shared, you'll understand that he'll never forget to make the best out of what he can to bring up something impressing favourite. If it is something general, you'll understand that you're always on his first list of honour and gives you a "like" gift.

Although there are many obvious reasons to know if a guy likes you, the above ideas are the most popular attributes that every guy or girl exhibit to show up or become obvious that he likes you. So that's all on how to know if a guy likes you.