How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In The House Fast Home Remedies

Mosquitoes are among the house pets that are very irritative, which also transmit malaria through saliva when it stings. So on this post we've compiled different ways to get rid of mosquitoes in the house and live a malaria free life.

1. Get Rid of Grasses around the house.
Not only mosquitoes, grasses serve as a breeding place for different types of harmful insects. So get rid of weeds around the garden and grasses all around your apartment. Consider using a safe insect pest repellent to curb mosquitoes from breeding around vegetables.

2. Oil All Stagnant Water.
Apart from grasses, one of the favourite breeding places for mosquitoes is on stagnant water. They lay there eggs inside the water and in less than what was expected multiply to become nuisance around the house. So get some petroleum oil residue of any type, just pour it across the stagnant rain water as much as you can. Mosquitoes live for only or less than 24 hours, so you would experience a drastic change in 24 hours time after the operation. Remember that moving water does not easily breed mosquito eggs, so in order to get rid of mosquitoes in the house you have to concentrate on the most obvious breeding place.

3. Using Insect Repellent.
There are many scentic insect repellents in the market nowadays that get rid of mosquitoes all day round. But it is very important to seek advice from the seller or other professional on the best type, for health purposes. Some of those repellents completely kill mosquitoes as they perceive the toxic smell, but some are only good in irritating there system, therefore making them to migrate from around the house.

4. Make use of Mosquitoe Coils.
While this suppose to be the way to get rid of mosquitoes in the room not around the house, it is worth sharing as the most cheapest method of killing mosquitoes to those that are not so allergic to fumes. I keep mosquito coil in my room all the time as a standby after having implemented the other tips above, in case they might both fail to catch that double headed adult mosquito that carries digger in his mouth all the time.

5. Using Nets on Windows and Doors.
Mosquitoes are always after your blood, so what if they couldn't get to catch you? Using mosquitoes nets or just gauze nettings on windows and doors can help to avoid mosquitoes from introducing themselves inside the house. Recently, there was a chemical purposefully made to repell mosquitoes that are sprayed all around the net. This is just constructively done to immunize the net from other insects also, eventually your house would be free from mosquitoes.

6. Burn and Place Mosquito Candles.
Mosquito candles help a lot to get rid of mosquitoes in the house. But most importantly, you must be very careful with the flames in order to stay risk free.

7. Becoming a Spray Freak.
Someone advice me to spray mosquito sprayers on my clothes like scent. Or alternatively find a clean rag or handkerchief, spray the material in the sense that the odour is all over you and work with it as a friend. Even when going to bed, place it beside you and mosquito cannot come near you.

8. Place citronella plant or candle.
Purchase some pieces of citronella plants and place the around the corners of your home. Insects, including mosquitoes hate the smell, so your house will not be favourable for them to stay for a minute.

9. Fan and Fanning to get rid of mosquitoes.
Those tiny animals are so flexible but also weightless. If you can't sleep just because of them, on that fan and blow them away. Luckilly, mosquitoes are more prone during summer, fan can be very good to get rid of them around you.

Avoid using mosquito cream excessively, for they can cause many skin problems including cancer. If you can't implement the above basics on how to get rid of mosquitoes in the house then just wear mosquito proof clothes to avoid the bites now.