How To Deal With Being Dumped When You Want To Remain Friends

It's never easy to cope with loses especially when friends become your only source of happiness. No one can deny the fact that honest friends are worth more than a billion dollars. So here are tips How to Deal With Being Dumped when You Want to Remain Friends that can change your life entirely.

1. Consider Yourself Honest.
Many people fail to live a transparent life among friends and family. There lives is filled with excuses, concussions and lack of self security. If you have one of those traits, surely your not being honest to yourself. Apart from knowing the essence of friendship, deep thinkers know the essence of having a well balanced SELF. Nobody would dump you for no reason. It may be they sense out something odd that they can't even fratenize with you anymore.

Bare with that and be true to yourself, knowing that friends that have or value you would come right at your gate whenever you prove the honesty of self awareness. There is no way around How to Deal With Being Dumped when You Want to Remain Friends, neither reconciliation could be the proper solution. Leave them and stand apart from them forever. Show them that in everything, there's a duplicate option to make a new start and better ending more than ever. DO NOT beg them back, it can't never happen, as long as they don't need you.

2. Let It Go!
In case you are the type of person that has a fragile emotions that can't be amended once touched, you should consider letting everything go. You can't assume relief while the thorn is right there deep in your skin. Remove it and throw it away, time is the only factor that would do the rest of the healing. So the same thing applies to emotionality, it depends on time. You can get over it, knowing that you DON'T want to remain friends anymore. My first practical suggestion for this is to avoid seeing people that dumped you when you want to remain friends for 10 days. See how life can thrive without them and move on from that.

3. Discover Your Intuitive Interpretation about loses.
In life, especially in the new world of discoveries about self and solvings, our intuitives stands the pillar of and the raw material of every physical inhibitions and support. Get complete mindedness toward your intuitives and you shall testify the outcome. You will not only feel dumped but you feel like you've dumped those friends that in the last scenario you really want to remain friends.

4. Build Up Your Social Self Esteem.
Social Self esteem means knowing and having the expectency of making new friends at every instant. Believing that people can easily accept you in consideration of who you are, how you look and the way you present life itself. Your old friends dumped you because they can't find something valuable in you remaining friends with them, and here are people that have seem a value in you. Yes, you alway have a value unless if you wanted to behave as animal among people. So create that esteem and implement it in the physical.

5. Embrace The Fact that Levels Move With Time.
Know how much levels you've passed through before reaching this stage of being dumped. One thing might have happened without you realizing it. You might be obviously lower than them, or higher than them, which gives a bad signal of friendship to enemity and irritations. In order to deal With Being Dumped when You Want to Remain Friends, leave them and make a research to know what level you want to fix yourself into. May be when you get upgraded, they might befriend you again with choice.

6. Consider Dumping as a chance for new experiences.
Deal with your loses by assumption this time. Obviously the reason why you get confused all over how to deal with being dumped when you want to remain friends is because you lack so much of them. So this is a chance to get yourself out to the open world, chances for new experience and add up to your prudence of living with friends.

7. No You Can't Be Dumped, You Dumped.
This involves trial and error, but its worth trying. As I've said earlier get rid of them out of your black book, talk more of white cook - meaning get rid them out of your life. You should never accept them again, even on reconciliation, they can't over be good friends anymore since they can dump you so.

8. Enjoy Living Alone For Now.
Deep thinkers can also tell you more of this. Ask a philosopher How to Deal With Being Dumped when You Want to Remain Friends and He'll tell you to learn how to live alone for a while to see differences of having them. Do this, but be true to your wants.