How To Clean A Laptop Screen With Household Products

Cleaning up laptop screen is very easy and well, a bit tricky in the sense that you can destroy your laptop's screen easily. Here's How to Clean a Laptop Screen with Household Products safely.

1. Bottled Water and Washcloth.
Warm up a bit bottled water and damp a washcloth a bit wetter. Shake off the water in the air and wipe up the screen very carefully. Do not leave the screen to air dry instead, use another clean dry washcloth and dry it. Tap water can leave some dots like patches on the screen because it contains some minerals that bottle water doesn't have. So concentrate on clean bottle water rather than just a pure water to clean up laptop screen at home or alternatively filtered water to avoid spots.

2. Using Microfiber Cloth.
Microfiber cloth is the material used of cleaning up eye glasses or contact. Preferabily, microfiber is one of the safest and qualitative laptop screen cleaner. Its softness is very well made not to create scratches on soft glasses How to Clean a Laptop Screen with Household Products.

3. Using Distilled Water and Isopropyl Alcohol.
Mix Isopropyl alcohol with distilled water - 50 to 50, and use terry towel to damp the screen and clean it up. You should concentrate on adding the same quantity of distilled water and alcohol, for laptop screens are more fragile to strong chemicals than just a glass or bottle.

4. Camera Screen Damp.
After cleaning up your screen with whatever method instructed above, polish the laptop screen with camera polish. This should be done when the screen is cleaned up dry.

5. Using thermal Paste to clean laptop screen.
Remove the laptop screen's motherboard and dust out the area. Apply the thermal past using cotton bud or other cotton wool materials (even clean cotton clothings would do) and clean up the surface in a rounding motion until it started shining. Then, return the motherboard and clean up the rest using the same method. Depending on the type of thermal paste you should apply a considerable quantity, in the sense that it does not drip all around other parts of the laptop.

6. Air Compressor Gun or Canned air.
Air compressor gun easily used to clean up moistures that usually cause some light whity stains on the screen. Those stains usually pop out like fade or some kind of punctures on the laptop screen. On How to Clean a Laptop Screen with Household Products, use up the air compressor gun or canned air to dry up the spots and reduce scratches.

These are the major known ways on How to Clean a Laptop Screen with Household Products for now. Consider using method that does not attract dusts to your laptop screen. So choose wisely and have a sparkling screen before you.