How to Kiss Like a Professional Kisser

Have you been instructed and coached before you made the first kiss? Are you still wondering what's exactly a good kiss?

Here we are going to explore the leverage, the process and the feel...

1. Know your partner's style.

Get to know you're partner's likes and dislikes. Not merely about kissing, but about anything involving romance.

2. Choose the right time to kiss in order to reduce the possibilities of awkwardness. Your right time is always obvious to your partner, which makes him/her prepared for a great kiss.

3. Look good, smell good. Poor personal hygiene is a big turn off in the kissing realm. Learn to keep your attractiveness up to date.

4. Focus on matched tempo. Listen to the tempo of your partner's kiss and follow. Kissing is all about tongues cooperation and unity, and you don't want to get them conflicted "in there".

5. Let your partner breath. Do not be carried away by the moment and suffocate your partner. Listen to their breath and allow them to get some air.

6. Be gentle. While aggressive kissing seems to be kinky and exciting, gentleness proves professionality. So don't just jam your tongues down their throats. Make a beginning, middle and end.

7. Employ creativity while kissing. You don't just kiss like a machine, you change styles, modes, positions and spots. Learn to be natural.

8. Make sure your breath smells good. And this includes healthy looking teeths and a fresh tongue. The more you taste and breath good, the more valuable your kissing becomes.

9. Kiss your partner on the neck. The neck is a favourite kissing spot to both men and women, especially towards the ear lobe.

10. Get into their personal space to showcase your intentions. This helps to determine whether a partner is willing to be kissed at a time. For example, by just adjusting someone's hair; you can easily figure out their mood--through gestures--acceptance or rejection; confident or insecure; and most importantly, the type of kiss they are comfortable with, at the moment.

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