Stand Up and Stop a So Called Friend from Putting You Down NOW!

May be it's because you're to quiet for them. May be they want to push you away. But they really seem nice and loving, and even need you, sometimes. Here's how to deal with that!

Stand up! Ever heard that song? Stand up for your right. Fight for your independence. Show them your annoyance. If you need to walk out of them, do just that. Displaying your feelings is the best way to fight the ego-fight. You're not dealing with a "friend" anymore, it's a "frenemy".

Talk to them in private. Discuss the ins and outs of their behaviours and make sure to arrive at a reasonable solution.

You're opinion matters alot. Even while discussion, they may try to put your suggestions down. Make yourself clear. Shout if you have to. But just make yourself clear, being truthful, then leave.

If things don't seem to play well, end the relationship. Never embrace someone that makes you happy and sad. There are so many wonderful people who are professional in only one of the two. Seek what you need and leave the people that don't deserve your love.