Good friends are like stars: How to Start a Relationship With a Good Friend

Don't just say it, show that you like him.

Shower him with lots of care: gifts, attention, respect...

Don't be too obsessive. Coninue to be a good friend, a recognizable one.

Don't just be a good friend, be a best friend. Be the one he calls first when he needs advice. Be the one he remembers first to share his victory.

Be sympathetic and empathetic. That's the only way to be understanding or at least, to be called understanding.

When you're ina group, show interest on them more. Flirt moderately and smile without limit.

Even if you lack a sense of enthusiasm, force yourself to be curios about his life's ups and downs.

Do not disrespect yourself by trying to manipate your likes and dislikes to get someone's attention. Know more about his interests to understand whether you can be in a relationship or not.

What do you have in common? Focus on the things you have in common. Explore them during conversation or on an outing.

Be mysterious bt never a puppy. Know your standards. Go with a personality and principle guiding your choices and attitudes. Let it be recognizable to your friend, expecting to be accepted as that.

Improve your personal hygiene. If you're deciding to date your friend, there's a tendency they know the much much less flattering side of you. So make sure you're not significantly disgusting anymore.

Boost your confidence and go for what you deserve. Plan a romantic moment, then propose.