The Scary Transformation Strategies: How to Change Your Life Around in a Matter of Hours

1. Write down your desire. What do you want to change financially? Mentally? Or academically? Note that you cannot change your looks for good. The only thing you can do to look better is to improved the standard of your living. And thus can be achieved through self-development practices.

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2. Read everything you wrote loudly. Let it stick to your head.

3.After each point, write the steps you is the best to aqcuire that change. For example, if it's "I hate my anger", you are going to write something like "go to the anger therapist" or " start anger eradication, self-help program"

4. Think about what you can do in the next 48 to 72 hours about the change. This might involve setting a short-term goals to work on some parts of the things you want to change. It doesn't matter how you set the goal, all that matters is you're doing something about your situation.

For example, if you hate your job, you can spend the next 48 hours just researching alternatives according to your passion, desire and wishes. Remember, you're just researching! And that's a seemingly small step, but it's the biggest, since it's the first, and you've started.

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5. There's no right time to start anything. Life is the right time. Plan and pursue your goals. You become better by starting something, not by waiting. You responsible for the change you want to see in your life. And it that's the matter, there's no reason for wait.

6. Reflect back, as much as you can. Visualize your desired future as much as you can. But never allow yourself to get lost in the wilderness of remunition. There's a power in NOW but only when you live NOW are you going to be worth the beauty of it. Be a thinker, but a creative one. Be critically analogical, but harmless, to yourself and your dreams.

7. Anything that's holding you back? Tidy your environment today. If it's relationship, take good care of it or quit if you can. If it's health, take the right steps. If it's mentally or emotional, improve your intelligence. If it's physically, work on them. Get rid of all literal junks around you, junks of your past life, and head for a new beginning. Remember, action is what it takes!

8. Are you career minded? Is this what you've been dreaming of but can't find happiness doing it? There's only one thing. Something you can do for yourself. Taking care of yourself and nothing else. Focusing on your health and personal hygiene. Eating the right food, and everyday.

9. You only deserve the GOOD that life has in the store for everyone when you look good, good to yourself. Things that look good always deserve sometihng. Make yourself worth achieving something today by not only striving to look good, but striving to feel good about yourself. Feel good about about yourself in a sense that you're doing it to impress yourself and nobody else; you are wearing something decent and feeling comfortable in it, and when you don't out of your real natural self just to look presentable socially.

10. Seek for support, you always need one. Call your families or friends wjen you need something. That's why it's good to be friends with responsible people. Becuase, life's not just about going wild and living high. It's about the accumulation of intellectual abundance, being responsible for reasonable innovations and attainments.

11. Meet honest friends, and thou shall be influenced positively. People with a positive personality traits such as honesty, humility, have more treasures to be shared. Be their friend and learn to live the life you want to live, the way you want to live it.

12. Sometimes you need to learn from others, but never allow yourself to start pursuing someone's dream. Be yourself! Trust your desires, they are the only source of satisfaction, when pursued and attained. Get influenced to be a good someone to yourself but never to change your real standards.

13. Patience is still a virtue. Find patience, pursue it. Develop it and be it.

14. Do not rush, be consistent and move with time. Have fun along the way, life is all about happiness. If you're happy the way you are, don't change it, improve it.

15. Do not allow people's success to intimade you. Everybody has a life, an opportunity, a time to sprout, and a time to lay. Wait for your time with deep expectation. Rejoice with others who have made it, and tell yourself that you're coming.

16. Start from the scratch. If you need money, start raising a fund. You don't need a million to be a millionair, you don't need a thousand either, even a hundred. Few changes can make a change you've never dreamed of. Figure out what can be done with what is around and start from there.

Tip: Make sure that you make a change that does not affect your family negatively. Make a change that focuses on positive significancy.