The Key to Intelligent Learning: How to Avoid a Mental Block

1. Make a positive gesture while listening. For example, nod your head to increase your focus during lectures or while reading.

2. Do not only listent to the teacher, listen to others who are participating. It motivates your purpose.

3. Jote down what you heard. It doesn't matter where you're starting or what you're writing, just form a habit of writing things down.

4. Reward yourself when you understand something by smiling. It helps you to say on a positive path, acknowledging that your purpose is appreciable.

5. Join the team. Either critical or supportive. Either to agree or to agree to disagree, joining a team with a certain aim will pull you out from the numbness trance.

6. Practice effective affirmations like "yea got it" or "yea it's easy".

7. Stay upto date with informations, assignments, projects, etc. Do not allow your mind to be left behind by lingering thoughts about undone projects. Be in the presence and for the presence.

8. In a doubt? Ask questions. And it doesn't matter whether your question is dumb or intelligence. This helps to clear your mind of junk informations.

mental block

9. Be more interested in logical and analytical matters, rather than the plain stories. This way you can develop a sharp-responsive thinking ability.

10. Get rid of your insecurity and any overwhelming feelings about learning new things. Expect anything. Be ready for everything. Shake off all the negative fearful thoughts and just focus on your aim, the main subject.

Do not listen to people. People are dissuaders. Make a plan for yourself. A plan to accumulate knowledge. Aplan to become mentally fit. Never allow people's opinion to intimidate you. Believe in yourself and a door shall open, to an everlasting intelligency and sharpness.