How To Increase Your Mental Potential

Mental health awareness

Increasing your mental potential takes some little adjustments the way you handle your lifestyle and the things you feed your brain with. You don't need drugs to be smart and intelligent. All it takes to bring down the wall of dullness is charging up the brain. Increasing your brain power -- speed of understanding and high productivity.

How to increase your mental potential - lifestyle

Good mental health

Do not sleep in the night with lights on.

Exposing yourself to excess carbon monoxide, including smoking and the rest.

Read 3 books a month. If you want to increase your mental potential, reading educative and challenging but interesting books can spike up your brain power.

Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours every 24 hours. A good night sleep gives your brain the chance to process information and the action of melanin always takes place while you're sleeping.

Minimize television watching. This is very important to an extent, if you want to increase your mental potential you don't suppose to watch tv more than 10 hours a week. For how to increase your mental potential, the minimum the better.

How to increase your mental potential - feeding the brain

Mental health

In order to increase your mental potential, there are things your brain needs to feed on.

Avoid negative thoughts. Bad thoughts might always find a way to destroy our happiness, thus ruining the only inner peace that allows creative thinking. And when the brain is not used to systematic analyzation of things, it does not build at once.

So increasing your mental potential demands more peace within. Try to get rid of bad thoughts by avoiding idleness, surrounding yourself with good and honest friends while setting time for studies and positive deep thinking.

Mental health awareness ribbon

Physical exercise is also important on how to increase your mental potential fast. Just a normal walk gives the brain a proper alignment with the positive scenaries of life, thus giving you a great deal of potential. A healthy brain is always filled with potentials.

No knowledge is a waste, but you need to feed your brain mostly with things that benefits your either spiritual or physical well being. Give yourself the knowledge of your dreams and your goals would be worth achieving and yes, a sure way to build your mental potential while benefiting from both sides of life.

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