How to Improve Your English Vocabulary for Free

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Marrying the Dictionary! There's more to do to increase your vocabulary. Since the dictionary is always involve, you must know how to use it correctly for the benefit of your own knowledge.

How to Increase Your English Vocabulary

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Read more books than you do. Many people asking how to improve your english vocabulary for free tend to ignore the fact that reading is the only way one can improve. While reading concentrate on sentence structures, word puzzles and other catchy pattern of the writer's english presentation.

How to improve your english vocabulary interactively

Vocabulary in English

A simple way to improve your english vocabulary is to stick to friends that speak good english. Everyone that speaks good English or tends to speak up using constructive sentence pattern can likely be an English vocabulary enthusiast. Be with that friend and learn to present yourself using what you've learn through readings and researches. If you try to show off among arrogant and non interested colleagues, they may deride you, which would evidently keep you away from your passion.

How to improve your english vocabulary word by word

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Do not rush your goal. If you want to improve your english vocabulary you need to learn the meaning of a new word everyday. Just one word. In the morning after choosing the words you want to use for the day, write a short theory about a personal experience that the word describes it well or the word is supposed to be used more often. For example, "in our class the students 'derided' the teacher's accent". You see, DERIDED is your main word of the day. So you're fixing the word into your long term memory making unforgettable in the long run.

How to improve your english vocabulary by listening


Are you a good listener? If no, you've got to be in order to improve your english vocabulary. Listen to speeches; TV, Radio, Podcasts, and Internet video documentaries and presentations; and watch at least one English sophisticated movie every week. This does not only improve your english vocabulary but prepares you a good listener, which is all we need to improve in language.