How to Help Someone Quit Smoking Cigarettes

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When someone decided to quit smoking a friend or family member can be a strong pillar to lean on. Your job is to support him both physically and emotionally. Smoking quitting smoking cigarettes can look so hard, but when hope and faith is applied, your goal is sure to be achieved.

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How to help someone quit smoking cigarettes...

First, make the individual to decide on quitting smoking cigarettes by making it known to him the losts to come and past losts caused by the addiction. Speak positively about how important it is to stay out of addiction. Let the person understands that He can do without smoking cigarettes.

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How to help someone quit smoking cigarettes...

Testify. Are you a good example of a good looking, better personality and intelligence non-smoker? Still on making the individual decide on quitting, an example of an ex-cigarettes smoker and how he'd changed his life for better and best. By now we assume that our smoker has decided to quit the addiction.

How to help someone quit smoking cigarettes

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Pray for the individual to stand the temptation of smoking again. This is very important. Prayer is the key to the door that has no key. If you can get on your kneels to help someone quit smoking cigarettes, then you're making the greatest effort in making someone's life better. Faith can solve the problem. If the individual seem agreeable, pray together.

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How to help someone quit smoking cigarettes: reduce the availability of cigarettes. By making it out of the smokers reach, you're pushing his heart desire away from the carbon mono-oxide.

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How to help someone quit smoking cigarettes: since the individual has decided to quit, be very close to him or her and encourage them to ask anything. Ask them how you could help. Do not nag, appreciate the little progress. How to help someone quit smoking cigarettes: make the individual to involve in exercise games like swimming, volleyball, basketball, football, tennis or pool. The best way to stop smoking is to avoid and prevent yourself from the cigarettes.

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How to help someone quit smoking cigarettes: stop idleness. If you cannot stop idleness, then you might not quit smoking cigarettes anytime sooner. Get busy and stop fantasy. Be with friends that don't smoke.

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Make it plain and visible, the immediate benefits of quitting smoking. It encourages the individual to stop. If you can, be with him during the day and keep in touch in the night. Never let go, until you've achieved your goal.

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