How to Approach a Friend with an Eating Disorder

Don't be harsh. Just educate yourself on exactly how to tackle eating disorder and apply it on your friend with calmness. But for a fact, you need to get clear about your intent. You need just to let him or her know the problem and you're only making an effort to solve it.

How to approach a friend with an eating disorder now

People with eating disorders

But here are some hints to consider in order to diagnose a friend with an eating disorder....

The first symptom of eating disorder is perfectionism. Trying to fit in to every situation, plus self justification.

Vomiting is also the first clinical symptom of eating disorder but you should consider other symptoms before concluding it to be an eating disorder. Food poisoning also causes vomiting.

People with eating disorders

Psychologically the individual tends to be preoccupied with food.

Socially He tends to like eating alone and don't want to eat in the public. Mostly, it also relates to being extremely nervous when someone's watching them as they eat.

Can't be assertive generally and usually have conflicts with friends relating eating.

As a result, the person may try to play it safe by avoiding situations where foods are involved.

How to approach a friend with an eating disorder and succeed

people with eating disorders

In fact, you can help a friend with an eating disorder without approaching him. Just prepare for an action plan.

Determine whether you're going to involve another person or you're going to handle everything alone.

People with eating disorders

Write the common symptoms of an eating disorder and use them as references when approaching the individual.

Speak with emphasis. Avoid slang words when you want to approach a friend with an eating disorder. Study just on that little issue and learn to sound as professional and formal as possible. But still, be compassionate and loving.

people with eating disorders

Listen to everything that your friend has to say. Answer questions politely without any sense of conflict.

Be ready for the worse. This sounds scary. I don't mean to discourage the courage in you but you should not fear. Fear can make you less professional. Just do it, you're a responsible friend.

Make sure you don't have the scar of anything involving what you're going to discuss.

How to approach a friend with an eating disorder: speaking technique

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Do not talk too much. Just say the important thing. Give chance for questions and extend the discussion till later. This gives you another time to research more of what you need to know to approach a friend with an eating disorder.

Be honest and let your friend know how you need to help on the delicate case. Be very transparent. No criticizing. No protesting. Be supportive but be in control. Genuineness gives you the power to change your friend with an eating disorder.

Eating disorder awareness

If you can't do it. Seek proper counseling from experts. The faster you come, the best cure you'll get for your friend. Do not delay or procrastinate now because as you're contemplating how to approach a friend with an eating disorder, you might have done one great approach. Psychologist, physician and psychiatrists are your professionals to stick to, in hopeless terms.