How To Overcome Laziness and Procrastination


On every delay, alert yourself that you're procrastinating and this is making you lazy.

Find a reason why you must do it now and no time but now.

This reason is called motivation.

Look for motivation from different paces of human feelings;


Fear: fear of failure, fear of being fired, fear of being left, fear of becoming poor in the future, gets you motivated and right on the track of our goal pursuit.

Desire: this includes your career goals, you want to change someone, you need someone in your life, you need it and can't get it if you don't act!

Beware of your desire to spice up your goals. Whenever you feel like the breeze of laziness passing by, recall your desire and be aware that doing it now is the only way to fulfill them.

Pain: pains after failure are greater than before success. Besides, you need to act now to avoid pains and worries tomorrow. You need to do it now in order to rest later.

Pleasure: the work am doing right now seems boring, exhausting and chauvanistic, but I know the pleasure of success.

It motivates me to move on, regardless of the obstacles.

After failure, pleasure is a big motivator that helps to overcome procrastination and laziness fast.

The pleasure most be visible. Recall it and pull the trigger of your goal pursuit.

There's no pain without gain.

The gain of knowledge is greater than figures.

So, whenever you get busy you're gaining something, while idleness harms.

In order to overcome procrastination and laziness you must apply the principle of self awareness.

Be aware of what you may be trying to avoid, your goals, gains, and needs.