How to Overcome Exam Tension - Dealing with Exam Stress

How to Overcome Exam Tension - Dealing with Exam Stress


Planning gives you chance to do what is important the best time. Exams timetable should be sketched, giving you a chance to have fun, be serious and focused.

As the exam gets closer, tweak your study timetable in favour of your tight schedules and the exam timetable itself.

This are some manual settings to get your mind organized and only concentrate on your papers.

In the exam hall or before...

Deep breathing keeps you calm. Do this for 2 to 3 minutes and your mind should concentrate on how your body consumes the air. Deep breathing is more effective in relieving exam tension when food Eyes closed, head up.

Massage the back of your neck in a lying position. In the exams hall, twist your head and press the back of your neck using the thumb several times.

Stay around calm and assured people. Some people are only good in increasing your insecurities before exams. Consume your free relaxing time with positive people. You can even share your stress with them and they will help you overcome exam tension verbally.

Relaxation is very vital. You must get a complete 6 to 8 hour sleep the night before your exams. Understand that you're not going to write a life or death exams, so relaxation is one of your actions to success in overcoming any tension.

Drink lots of water if you're feeling sick as a result of the tension and even pour some on your head if the temperature is high.

Employ a favourable study style. Despite the tension, recall your past success and how you prepared. Follow your personal strategy, to overcome exam tension.

For example, personally, I do well in exams when I read less, rest more, and revise once in the end. Doing more than this means harm to me. So I don't care what people do. I don't care how do so called guru study. All I know is how to improve my techniques, which makes me the person I wanted to be. I tried other methods but failed my exams. Mine are the best for me, so also yours for yourself.