How To Help Someone With PTSD Nightmares And Flashbacks


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder occurs due to longer periods of worry, hopelessness in terms of relationship and business, shock, anxiety and sadness.

Mostly, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is caused by a life changing experience, which always accounts to the above worry symptoms. It causes nightmares and flashbacks which always sets the individual on the fresh feel of the bad experience. You can only help someone with ptsd flashbacks when he or she is willing to accept and try what you're about the offer.

Fair acknowledgment and self awareness is important in the side of anyone with ptsd nightmares.

Be positive and understanding.

Respect them.

Assure their security only when they're well secured and not in danger of any physical arm.

This should be significant and depending on the cause.

Say for example, a rape victim may find it hard to cope with social life when his or her security is not assured.

Educate yourself and educate them to realize the reason behind their nightmares--Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. And teach them the influential positive thinking techniques to stop the fear and reduce the regularity of the dream.

In helping someone with ptsd flashbacks, take care of yourself and become a role model for positivity and self confidence in terms of similar even less dangerous situation.

Avoidance can worsen the flashback emotions, try to expose the individual to decent experiences.

Be aware of depression and mood changes in people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Just take control and support them.

Do things together, be their friend. Involve them in many activities of yours, this would influence there thoughts and pick out all the fears involving ptsd.