How To Deal With Social Anxiety Without Medication

How To Deal With Social Anxiety Without Medication


Social anxiety is a feeling, an excessive self-consciousness leading to fear of being embarrassed. Person with severe social phobia might be excessively nervous, shy and usually misses his or her sentences while talking in the public.

Social anxiety is caused by lack of involvement in social affair as the individual grows or for a considerable time.

Listen to the environment, and not what your body interprets. Mostly, nobody is ever watching or observing your flaws. You just have to do them exactly the way you want and expect all positive reactions.

Occupy your mind with what the public is saying, not what your mind judges.

Silence is not a crime. You don't suppose to be the lead in every conversation. You're not the centre of attention. Be silent, listen and let others contribute. Don't search for ideas, let them meet you before you blurt.

Practice breath control techniques. Make sure that you're not breathing faster, it contributes to anxiety and dizziness leading to increased social phobia.

To deal with social anxiety, breath deeply all the time. Make sure you're comfortably seated and raise your head up to look like the person you're striving to be.

Do not avoid situation that make you nervous instead, face them. Facing your fears is the only way to get rid of them.

Be patient in dealing with social anxiety and everything will be fixed gradually.

Your relationship with people should be decent. Expecting positive reactions from individuals helps to increase our confidence. Be yourself, be assertive but not arrogant, a point of dealing with social anxiety.

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