Why Run Away From The Word Of The Lord?

The word is a light to our path. How does it become a light?

It lights up the way to eternal life.

It teaches us how to live heaven on earth.

Teaches us success and deep prudence of Godly living.

The spirit of God speaks to us through this word.

This word has the power to give you confidence about life here and hereafter.

Why run away from the word of the Lord?

It is always the feed for our faith.

Do you have a weak faith? Read the word.

Do you lack the inspiration or simply don't know what to ask or pray about?

Listen to the word of God.

Why run away from the word of God?

How can you understand the promises He has for you?

How can you live for this important purpose while you are running away from the word?

It isn't a tradition to love the word, but in order to live and feel the spice of living;

in order to succeed here and in the eternity;

to have a strong spirit of an overcomer.

You can become an overcomer through Jesus Christ but how do you understand while you're running away from the word?

Are you struggling with temptations and can't live a day without failing? Study the word.

Lossed interest in the word, pray that God will ignite this love and raise you up again.

Surround yourself with those who love the word. Listen to it and testify about it.