Inspirational Ramble About Money By JDY

Money on my mind
I keep my mind on my money,
earning my money,
keeping my money,
I got my eyes on this money,
all I know is making money,
am sensitive to money,
money knows my sensitivity,
I know the direction of money,
I dictate every source of money,
everything about me is money,
I know how to turn everything into money,
I don't let go until I have that money, money on my mind,
thinking about your coming,
loopholes to loopholes,
circles to circles,
I know your ways, I can feel the movement of money,
I set trap on money,
and get what I need with money,
I do things for money,
I spend the day with money,
my might so cool with money,
I woke up with money,
you cannot hide your face from me,
I study money,
am beyond broke,
everything of me is money,
thats why I got money.