Blepharitis Treatment - How to Get Rid Blepharitis Naturally at Home

Can you get rid blepharitis permanently? Yes, if you read this! Today we are going to learn blepharitis treatment natural and some other alternatives. Then at the end we would treat how to totally prevent blepharitis.

Blepharitis as an eyelid inflammation resulting from skin disorder or bacteria infection can be treated in many ways. On this post we are going to concentrate on more natural ways to treat blepharitis. Symptoms of this disorder are itchy eyelids, the feeling of dryness within the eye, low resistance to bright light and sometimes the skin around the eye would swell a bit.

Blepharitis Treatment Natural

1. Posterior blepharitis.
This are the type of blepharitis that occur in the inner part of the eyelid, therefore causing more inflammation within the eyeball. Sometimes it includes swellings and excessive tears oozing out of the gland. And the most irritative part of posterior blepharitis is the feeling of "debris" whenever you move the eyelid to open or close your eyes.

Treating posterior blepharitis. First, soak a clean and soft washcloth in a warm water and place it on the eye for 10 mins. Massage the eyelid downwards with the warmth cotton in order to soften the skin.

After the massage, use your fingers to press the eyelid in a contracting pressure until you observe some whitish fluid erupting out of the tear pores. Do not press down the eyeballs, just use two fingers to squeeze from side to side while holding a cotton wool to clean up the eyelid.

While using this method to get rid blepharitis, make sure you clean the fluides with a cotton wool that is already soaked inside a 50:50 hydrogen peroxide and water. Wash the face thoroughly with slightly lathered water and repeat everything over and over 4 times a day, giving a gap of atleast 2 to 4 hours. But most preferably 3.

And if the eyelid continue to erupt some water liquids or just makes the tear to uncontrollably ooze out, there may be a slight bacterial or fungus infection. So taking antibiotics to condition the skin would help so much on this kind of blepharitis treatment. And in a reverse manner, some infections can cause a solel dryness instead of the water eyelid. Still eye drops can help to lubricate and kill any germ or bacteria within the inner eyelid.

2. Galium aperine and Trifolium pratense.
Galium aperine is among the natural herbal substances that could be easily found or named by cleavers, which helps the skin purified of any infections and attacks. So mixing them together with Trifolium pratense sourced from red clover that works best to enhance hydration and healing processes would be the first natural move to get rid blepharitis.

3. Sodium Bicarbonate Mixture.
Sodium bicarbonate is usually found in baking powder and this helps alot on blepharitis treatment, in that it dissolves all the grims and gives relief very fast.

Boil 2 litres of water and add a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. Stair well to mix and soak a clean towel to place on the eyelid. You should allow the wet towel to drip a bit in order to let some small content of the mixture to accumulate the inner eyelid.

Let the warm continue to on the eyelid for 10 minutes to get rid blepharitis. Then rinse with clean water thoroughly washing all the residue of the sodium bicarbonate mixture. Repeat twice daily until you see feel relieved.

4. Castor oil and Blepharitis.
Among the most effective natural ways to get rid blepharitis, castor oil can work best to permanently treat the inflammation first and clear the main blepharitis in a week.

Warm the eyelid skin with warm water as stated on the first tips to get rid blepharitis, but in this case you put some drop of castor oil inside the water or wet the wet cloth with the oil before soaking in water and placing on the eye for 10 mins. Warm the castor oil also and rub all over the eye after the warming. Keep applying several times to let it stay for 3 hours or more. Use shampoo lathered water to wash the face before doing the processes for the second time twice a day, until you are free.

Permanent Prevention of Blepharitis.
Whenever your eye get infected or disordered by a certain inflammation as of blepharitis, pink eye (conjunctivites) or stye, it becomes more susceptible to further attack and could affect the eye function if it continues again and again.

This is more prone when you become more sensitive to using antibiotics at the slightest feeling of debris within the eye. So it is important to stop or reduce the excessive use of antibiotics as the first step to prevent blepharitis re-occurrence.

Eye make up is not for you! Some causes of blepharitis comes directly from make up. On blepharitis treatment natural, try your best to keep a considerable personal hygiene.